Healing Garden World

By Carolyn Agosta
Copyright October, 2009

Fifth Principle

The fifth is the Principle of Intention or Desire. This is a very simple principle (and in many ways, they all are). There is a field of energy and when we connect with it, the fact that we desire something means it is to be. Simple, right? Well, yes and no. There is a field of intention that we can consciously interface with in order to move our intention(s). This field of energy is responsive by its very nature. Its a field recognized by people in all walks of life from shamans and yogis to physicists.

Max Planck, Nobel Prize winner for his work with atoms, said,

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom into vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together...We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.

As we create our intentions, we interface with this field of energy which alters, shapes, influences, modifies and creates the patterns that organize and shape our reality. Because our planet is one of free will and choice, the more we consciously work with intention, the more we are active participants in our own evolution and expansion. Now that is exciting!

Currently, we are creating intentions from a place of unconsciousness. The more conscious we are about our intentions, the more powerful the intentions, the less likely we are to inadvertently undo our own intentions with an unconscious: I dont deserve this or Im asking for too much. With those few words, you undo your own intention(s).

Here are some ways to create powerful intentions that come from your heart and soul rather then from your mind and ego.

First thing in the morning take time to come to your heart by focusing your mind on it and asking yourself what you want for today. It can be as simple as I want to have fun today, I want to feel good today or more complex, I want todays meetings to be graceful and easy, or I want to be peace. Notice the words, I want to be peace sounds and feels different then I want peace. The latter feels like it has to come from outside of you from someone or something else. The former feels like it is who you are and you become peace. This subtle change in wording makes a difference in the power of your intentions.

And dont worry about making the right intentions when you start. Its important to get your mind out of the way and simply go to your heart for guidance. Take time to breathe and bring your attention to your heart. Sometimes it helps to place one hand on your navel and one on your heart and listen quietly. Ask your mind to watch your breath come in and go out. Or have your mind watch what is happening with your heart. By distracting the mind, it is easier to move into your heart. Its amazing how quickly you can come to a place of peace and quiet when you stop the mind chatter for even a few minutes.

Another way to get to intention is by identifying what it is you DONT want. For example, I dont want to be afraid any more. Great! That is really clear. So what is it you DO want: I want peace, I want to be peace, I want to be safe, I want to feel safe. All of these are variations on a theme and one will speak to you more than another. As you can see, it is important to state your intentions in the positive: This is what I want or intend.

You also want your intention to be in the first person. I means you own the intention and it is part of your Being. Intending for someone else just doesnt work. We live on a planet of Spiritual Free Will and Choice; consequently, each of us gets to choose what we want. So an intention that your partner love you more, just wont work (unless your partner wants to participate in that intention). What Ive found is that the partner may already be loving and supportive and you (or I) cannot see it or recognize it. So an intention you might consider is: I intend to feel loved and supported. That way you have sent out your intention and the Universe can bring back to you what it is you need and want and from the sources most appropriate for you.

Be explicit about your intention. You dont want to imply or assume. And with this one I have a great story. I wanted to meet a man, a life mate, partner. So I began by listing the characteristics that I wanted him to have: kind, loving, willing to be in a committed relationship, confident in himself and so on. Two days later I met a delightful man. We had a wonderful time, talked, danced; he seemed to have many of the characteristics that I wanted. Well, 3 days after I met him, I received an email from him saying how much he enjoyed meeting me and what a wonderful time we had and then he said: And you may not want anything to do with me, because Im married. Well, duh! So I went back to my intention and realized that there was nothing in there about wanting him to be single! What an obvious oversight. Needless to say I went back and revised my intention with absolute clarity. I did have a good laugh (at myself) about that one.

Be open to receive what youve intended. This is probably one of the most challenging piece to accept: that I am worthy to receive whatever goodness I have intended for myself. Open your heart and your entire Being to receive the gifts that you have asked for and then be grateful for them.

Write your intentions down keeping a journal is ideal. Then you can remember what you asked for. Its a great reminder and reinforcement of the power of conscious intention. Also, this will lead you to clearer and clearer intentions and a greater understanding of yourself. It also allows you to observe yourself in your own evolutionary process.

Finally, bring your new awareness to others. Theres a woman who always seems to find the negative in everything. So when she tells me a story about something that happened to her in an aint it awful way, I now ask her what she would have liked to have happen instead. She is beginning to think that way too now and ask herself what she would have liked instead. Its fun to observe changes in yourself and often easier to see them in others.

What is it you want for yourself? Getting your mind out of the way, go to your heart. The Universe is just waiting to bring it to you.

--- October, 2009