Healing Garden World

By Carolyn Agosta
Copyright December, 2010

Ninth Principle

The Ninth Spiritual Principle is the Principle of Love. It has been a confusing one for me to learn. Growing up in the 60s we learned about a form of “love” — we were after all the love generation. And we became confused about what love truly was — it was mixed up with sex and bodies and being physical rather than a state of being that transcended all. Then in the 80s as I thought I had evolved beyond the love generation I thought I was really cool. Someone would talk about love is all there is and the cynic in me would revolt and say, “Yeah, right, go back to the 60s.”

Then, finally somewhere in the late 90s, I woke up and realized, “It’s true love is all there is. “ Love isn’t all the sweat and bodies and sex. Love is a state of Being that accepts self and accepts others just as they/you are — without judgment, without criticism, without fear. It is being in a presence of acceptance that truly does transcend all.

If you are in the state of love, the vibration of love, then you are in perfect alignment with Divine energy and nature and with true self. Wow, what a fabulous state that is. Yes, I’ve had moments of actually experiencing this state. It’s a feeling of warm all over, of connection with all living creatures and the planet. Having been in this state, it is very difficult for me to watch violence in the media — whether to the good guy or the “bad” guy. My husband and I had a discussion about this after a movie and he was trying to understand why I would be upset that the “bad” guy was killed. See, I know I am part of the “bad” guy and s/he is part of me, so it is painful to see human’s inhumanity to humans — on all levels.

Love is a very high vibration — as one aligns oneself with love — unconditional for all beings, no matter what – then you raise your vibration to this very high level. When you do that, you discover that nothing can harm you, not really because you are in a state of grace. And with this you have created heaven on earth.

---December, 2010