Healing Garden World

By Carolyn Agosta
Copyright March, 2009

Second Principle

The second Spiritual Principle is the Principle of Giving. Potential begins to manifest as one gives of oneself – it starts the circulation of energy. Giving is not about gifts at the holidays or for Birthdays. It is about looking for opportunities to give of yourself in every moment of every day. There are many ways to create these opportunities in ones daily life.

Create Opportunities
When you are talking with someone, anyone, listen with your whole being. How many times does someone speak to you (us), your partner, lover, friend, husband/wife and they stop and ask, “So what do you think?” And you can’t answer because you have no idea what they just said. Multi-tasking is overrated … it’s a way of not being present for anything … of doing a task or function half way. Be present and listen. Look the person in their eyes and hear, truly hear what it is they are saying to you.

Honestly and truly appreciate another person. And here’s the big one, and tell them that you appreciate them. My step-daughter has been a challenge for me and now she is about to come for a visit. So for the past several days, I have been thinking about the tings that I appreciate about her. One of them is that she is a mirror for the places that I need to heal myself, my shadow-self: the part of me I like to hide and ignore and run away from or put under a rock (a very large rock!). Now while I won’t tell her that one, I can tell her the thing that I do appreciate about her. And sometimes we have to think really hard about what those things are. It begins by noticing the easier relationships in our lives – the woman at the post office whom I appreciate for being there every day and taking care of sending out my precious packages, for instance. Or it may be as simple as telling a stranger that you like their smile, hair, shoes, jacket.

Touch without expectation and with love. This is a simple concept and yet one that we often forget … or miss the opportunities. A pat on the shoulder, a hug, or simply a light touch on the hand, a kiss on the cheek, a caress of the hair are gentle acknowledgments of caring and affection and generally considered unobtrusive. Don’t expect anything back, simply give. The joy is in the giving.

Each day look for ways to give of yourself. It may be to the woman at the grocery store: “You have beautiful hair.” Say hello to a stranger. Think of the good things in your life or a time that made you laugh or smile and you will find yourself smiling. Now share that smile with someone who doesn’t have one.

I was in line at the grocery store once and a woman and her kids were checking out. She didn’t have enough money to pay for her groceries. I had my money in my hand and dropped a bill on the floor. Picking it up, I told her she had dropped it. She knew she hadn’t dropped it and she smiled gratefully. I felt fabulous all day (and every time I remember that) … and I bet she felt loved and cared for.

Next time you go to buy a cup of coffee or tea, pay for 2 – yours and the next person in line. Ask that it be anonymous. Then watch what happens. It is such a treat to be treated.

Leave a loving note for your husband, wife, lover, partner, friend – on their mirror where they can see it first thing in the morning. It doesn’t take money to give of yourself.

Pick a flower from your garden and take it to your neighbor. Someone once left a bouquet of homegrown flowers on my doorstep. To this day I do not know who it was. And it still makes me smile and feel warm.

How many times in a day can you give of yourself? Now break your own record.

--- March, 2009