Healing Garden World

By Carolyn Agosta
Copyright August, 2010

Sixth Principle

The sixth is the Principle of Detachment. This can be very challenging. And when we let go of the outcome, we allow the infinite possibilities to create anything.

Release your intention to the Universe and be open to the outcome. We can block our own intention by insisting on the form that it comes in. For example, I worked with a woman who wanted to manifest a car. She was very clear about the type of car she wanted. And she assumed she’d have to buy it. She stated intentions about the way she’d receive the car and I suggested that she simply intend the car and observe how it comes to her.

With some trepidation, she decided to do just that. A week latter, her aunt contacted her asking if she’d like their van – which was in perfect condition and exactly what she wanted. They gave it to her. She got it very clearly – her mind had no idea that there was a car just waiting for her to ask for it.

And when we discussed the 5th principle, I talked about my intention for finding a partner, if I had said he needs to be tall with dark curly hair and earning $XX and driving a Porsche … or any of those meaningless form details, would the right person have ever had a chance to come into my life? I wonder. We don’t know what is out there waiting for us. So it helps to simply trust and release your intention to the Universe.

The mind thinks it knows all the options: what all is in the realm of possibilities. And the truth is, it doesn’t know much. So again it’s important for the mind to get out of the way and stop interfering with the outcome.

Another part of this principle has to do with trust. You put your intention out there by stating it clearly, you let it go, and then you trust that it will come to you in the perfect form and in perfect timing.

I remember a couple of years back, my husband was working for someone who just didn’t appreciate what he had to offer the company and he felt like he was being reigned in all the time. Bill was unhappy with this job. He kept intending to be appreciated, appropriately compensated and that his skills and talents would be used for the good of the company. About two weeks into his intentions, his boss called and said they were terminating his position. When he called to tell me about it, he was almost giggling! He felt such a sense of relief, even though he did not have another job; he felt the relief of letting go of that job. Within 2 weeks, another division “grabbed” him. In this new job they were able to create a team that supported each other, validated each other and recognized the skills each person brought to the team; people he became friends with and a job he loved.

He could have had a melt down for having lost his job. And he was able to see that the Universe was handing him a gift. He truly detached himself from the outcome. If he had tried to micromanage the outcome or worry about it, just the energy of that would have changed the outcome.

So learn to detach and create intention, then let it go; TRUSTING that what you need will be brought to you. Whew! That’s a big one.

Just “try” it with “little” intentions and observe the outcome. What happens when you say: this is what I want and I am open to the Universe being wiser then me and bringing me exactly what I need. Then remember to say: thank you!

--- March, 2010