Healing Garden World

By Carolyn Agosta
Copyright January, 2011

Tenth Principle

The Tenth Spiritual Principle is the Principle of Spiritual Free Will and Choice. At all times, you have the right to choose your own path. No one can "make" you do what you do — no law, no religion, no individual. Each time you take an action, you are choosing the action — whether consciously or unconsciously. Blaming someone else for actions you take takes you out of balance with yourself and with Nature — you are out of integrity with your own Soul. You may feel "pressure" to take a certain action AND you are still responsible for the action that you take.

This principle is about owning responsibility for each and every one of your choices and actions. It's about acknowledging the right and responsibility of each and every human to choose their own path.

Activating Spiritual Free Will and Choice empowers you and allows you to access your personal power in a way you were never able to before. It supports you in accessing your own gifts and using them for your highest good and the highest good of all. You are able to heal, transform and create on all levels of your Being. It allows you to see the abundance in your own unique gifts and talents — and gives you the ability to share those gifts freely.

One of the soul's tasks on this planet is to master Spiritual Free Will and Choice while in physical form (a body). Mastery brings evolution and enlightenment. Because we live on a planet of Spiritual Free Will and Choice, each of us gets to choose what we want. And ultimately we must hold ourselves accountable for those choices.

Spiritual Free Will and Choice is the highest state of being on this planet — an even higher state of being than Love. We are one with all and we are unique individuals — a challenging concept for the mind to absorb. As we make choices and surrender, trusting that exactly what "needs" to happen will happen, we move closer to the perfect state of being — a perfect balance with Nature and Soul. Then we have mastered Spiritual Free Will and Choice.

---January, 2011