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By Carolyn Agosta
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Flower Essences, a Beginner’s Guide

Some humble observations

Flowers are truly amazing. They have healing powers not only for their visual beauty, but also in the essence of the flower. Essences contain an imprint from an individual flower that balances, repairs, rebuilds, and stabilizes the electrical system in the human body. Humans are both individual creations and a part of a greater whole – we are one with all of Earth. We are "in relation" to everything on this planet (and beyond, but that’s another paper). Being "in relation" to all that is on this planet – all men, all women, all children, all plants, all animals, all waters, trees, etc. – we are "in relation" to all of nature. Nature offers its "services" to help humans balance and stabilize on the planet. It is also humans’ role to seek balance and stabilization on the planet Earth. Plants are a gift of healing to all living creatures.


Each human has an Energy Body, as well as, a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. While the physical, emotional, and mental come and go (die), the soul or spirit is immortal – we are all energy and as such, energy can only change, it cannot be destroyed. Let me repeat that: energy can only change, it cannot be destroyed!

When humans act from our soul or spirit, we align with our soul’s purpose and move forward in health and well-being – in other words, we feel really good! When we act from our head or emotions, we move out of alignment, out of balance, and illness or dis-ease is created – and we feel really poorly! Simply by aligning with our soul, i.e. "thinking" from the soul perspective, doing what makes our entire being feel good instead of what makes one part of us feel good – we can maintain health on a hysical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

So illness is preceded by being out of alignment with one’s soul! (Seems too simple, doesn’t it?) When we learn to live in complete alignment with the vibration of "love" – yes, love – we move forward in a way that aligns with our soul. I maintain (humbly!) that we are not intended to hate, to have power "over", to judge, to control – we are here instead to celebrate and cherish our differences. That means we are here to support, love, and nurture each other, all living creatures and the planet.

So What Do Flower Essences Have to Do with All of This?!

If there were a simple, scientific explanation for how and why these essences work so beautifully with the human form, you would be reading about it right now. There are theories that include chemistry, physics, etc. and none of them truly explain essences. What I know is that the more I use them, work with them, incorporate them into the healing work that I do with others (and myself), the more I understand that they are a powerful gift from Nature available for humans to use to balance and stabilize our electrical system. When the electrical system is function at its highest potential, the body heals.

Plants have been used for medicinal purposes at least since humans have existed on this planet. (And animals use plants intuitively for their own healing.) Edward Bach was in the forefront of using the essences of flowers for healing. He focused his work on healing the negative soul state of the individual – the conflict between soul and personality that leads to illness. (Just as we spoke about several paragraphs up from here.)

The process of using flower essences is simple and exquisitely beautiful. (By the way, Bach defines simplicity as "unity, perfection, and harmony".) An example of how these work is a person who is feeling despondent – at the “"end of their rope" so to speak, feeling despair and hopelessness – the person has disconnected from her soul and feels isolated and alone. The soul wants to move forward and there is a block in the electrical system so the human says, "I can’t. There’s no hope. I might as well give up." In this acute state, Sweet Chestnut is administered, allowing the soul to move forward feeling supported and nurtured. And as simple as this seems, it is true. I see it happen over and over again.

Each plant has specific healing and balancing patterns vital to humans. Found usually in the plants petals and released into water while in the sun, these essences formulate a tincture which can be preserved (usually in brandy or vinegar) and taken a few drops at a time.

Machaelle Small-Wright (of Perelandra, Ltd.) describes flower essences as "liquid, pattern-infused solutions … that respond to imbalances in humans on their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual or universal level". Everything on earth that is in form is derived from nature

When there is chaos or dysfunction in our being, it first shows up in the central nervous system. As a result of this, the electrical circuits along the spinal column short circuit. Consequently, there are weakened signals through the nerves to their related areas of the body (in particular the endocrine) causing physical weakness resulting in dis-ease. Since the body and plants have such a unique and close relationship, using the appropriate flower essence, the body responds by reconnecting the electrical circuit and rebalancing the overload along the spine.* There is a pattern of healing in Nature which responds and relates to every dysfunction in mankind. And as I write this, I am amazed, even though I know it is true.

So Now What?

This article is only a teaser in the hopes of inspiring you to read more, learn more about flower essences. They are truly the "secret" to health and well-being. Whether it’s a cut finger, indigestion (gas, constipation, diarrhea), a cold or flu or a more serious illness or injury, I use flower essences. When the electrical system in the human body is functioning properly, the body doesn’t have to first repair the electrical system before it can heal the body. Our bodies want to be balanced and healed. This is our natural state of being.

Note: Flower essences are not intended to be used instead of, but in addition to allopathic medicine – if you have a broken bone or more serious illness use flower essences in addition to going to see your medical doctor. You will be amazed (as will your doctor) at the speed of recovery!

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