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Healing Garden World

Newsletter, Spring 2014

Carolyn Agosta
Copyright 2014

As the body ages, it seems to slow down and things begin to lockup and work less efficiently. I have a secret for you: it doesn’t need to be this way! YOU have the power to make a difference. Even allopathic medicine knows this secret. It seems that they don’t take much time in this hurried world to share that with you/us. If you keep moving, the body will respond in kind!

There is a tribe somewhere on this planet* that has some amazing runners – people who run from village to village (it’s their phone/internet system). What they (scientists studying them) found is that the 20 year olds were very fast runners. And the 30 year olds were faster. The 40 year olds were even faster. In their 50s they were faster than all the others. And in their 60s they were even faster … and this may blow your mind (it did mine), in their 70s they were faster yet. At 80 they did seem to slow down a bit – and don’t kid yourself they were still very fast. So movement seems to be the key. As we age we tend to believe the old myths that we have to slow down; that we can’t do anything more than slower movements; that the mind slows down. It isn’t true. It’s a story we’ve been told and now we are telling ourselves. Quality of life is dependent on movement. So keep moving.

I visit my 94-year old mother regularly at her assisted living facility. And almost everyone there uses a walker, cane, wheelchair or some device to help them move. What if we put those companies out of business because we kept moving, we chose something different than our parents or grandparents or great grandparents chose? That would be kind of amazing! Not that I want to put companies out of business – they could use their creativity to design something else that would be fun for them.

Now what does all of this about bodies, aging and movement have to do with energy and healing? Everything! Just as the body needs movement to grow and transform and experience a quality of life, so do the mind, the emotions, the spirit and all of those lovely creative juices that are being untapped as you read this! We need to move, transform or we are stagnant, stuck, unhappy, miserable.

Einstein said: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed.” And that’s what you can choose to do: change your energy. Change your thoughts. Change how you approach the world around you. Change the dance you are doing with you and your life. You don’t like the choices you’ve made? Make another choice. Do something different!

Did you know that when a cell is in fight or flight, it cannot grow? It’s a scientific fact. Did you know that if a cell is growing, it cannot be in fight or flight? We, humans, are made up of millions of cells. If we are stuck in fear, we cannot grow. And here’s another secret, we can chooseto grow. We can choose to live the life we are meant to live. We can be the Joy we are meant to be.

You want a partner in your life? Choose to create a life a partner would want to be share with you. You hate your job? Choose to find a job that makes your heart sing. Or choose to make this job wonderful and fun – choose to find the ways the job serves you. You hate housecleaning? Choose to make enough money to hire a house cleaner. Or choose to make the chore of scrubbing a commode fun! (There is a certain satisfaction in this simple act of seeing the transformation of the toilet bowl – ah. it’s a metaphor for my life! Clean the s*%# out of my life and start fresh!)

My dear friend gia combs-ramirez refers to this sort of choosing and reframing as using Jedi mind tricks. We trick the mind (which is easily tricked one way or the other) into believing something until it becomes true. I remember a couple I worked with several years ago who were thinking of dissolving their marriage. They weren’t ready to tell anyone yet and they were going to spend a long weekend with family. So I suggested that they “pretend” they were still in love and be kind to each other and act with each other the way they used to or wished they still did. Well at the end of the long weekend of being kind and loving towards each other, they discovered that they really did love each other. They are still together now.

The mind creates what it wants to create or what it’s used to creating (negativity, judgment) and then you act like what you created in your head is real. But it isn’t! If we aren’t using our creative juices, we create drama and trauma. Is that truly what you want? Of course not! It feels miserable to do that to yourself. And, believe me you are doing it to yourself!

Now before you beat yourself up about all the years of yada yada … you are not alone. It is what humans have learned to do. The fabulous part of all of this is you can change that now that you know. You may want support through this change. If you are working with a practitioner who has helped you with change before, ask them for help. If you haven’t worked with someone before, I’d like to suggest Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ . Visit our website at www.crystallineconsciousness.com to find a practitioner (yes I am one) or to take classes and learn to help yourself or you can experience a mini session at the website (be sure to turn up the volume on your computer when you do this.

Don’t like your life? Don’t feel good about yourself? It’s time for a change. Choose something different. Choose to make a difference in your life. It’s spring and change is definitely in the air!

*Tribe: Sorry I don’t know the name of the tribe or the country, I read about them some years ago and am grabbing the info from the deep recesses of memory – if you know the place, let me know – researches have studied this tribe for years.

Blessings, carolyn

--- Spring, 2014