Healing Garden World

Healing Garden World

Newsletter, Fall 2014

Carolyn Agosta
Copyright 2014

Fall is the season to create intentions for the coming year as the earth (at least on this side of the world) prepares for winter, to go to sleep and rest. Fall Equinox is the balance of dark and Light. So often we fear the dark and yearn for the Light. Is it because we are Light beings? Perhaps. This time supports us in balancing Light and dark. Without the dark, we cannot appreciate the Light. Without the Light, we cannot appreciate the dark. It is a time to quietly reflect. To come to peace with ourselves and our Life. Autumn is the time to let go and release the burdens of our life. It is a time of reflection. It is also a time to allow yourself to go into the darkness and simply be there. To appreciate the dark is to appreciate the Light. Each of the changing seasons represent a point in time, just this moment.

The seasons are a reminder of the impermanence of everything. The leaves change color, die, fall to the ground, and nourish the soil. And we know they will return in the spring. We trust this process because we have seen it happen so many times before. And do we trust the processes that we have observed in our own lives: the death of a Being, the death of a dream or vision? Even the things that are challenging are only temporary. I watch as my mother struggles with being in her body. At 94, it is failing her. Hmm, or is it? It is doing what bodies do – serve us, work hard, and then let go. Birth is actually the beginning of death. We are all moving towards death and the end of this body. And even as this end is imminent, there is a beginning that is also imminent.

We do not end when the body ends. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change forms. In any process, the total energy of the universe remains the same. It can look different and feel different and it is the same energy in a different form.

As we enjoy the beautiful colors (those of you who live where there is this opportunity), the changing temperatures, cooler evenings, fires lit, shorter days, urges to make soup, harvesting fruits and vegetables … all those things symbolize by fall … take time to express Gratitude for all you are, all you have, all you are becoming, the good, kind people in your life, the Joy you are. This life is a very short journey. This moment is here and then gone. Live this moment right now. Embrace all that you are. Love yourself. As you love yourself, you are then able to Love others – honestly, deeply, truly.

Blessings, carolyn

--- Fall, 2014