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Transformational Healing

Are you struggling because you want an intimate relationship and it isn’t finding you … and you aren’t finding “it” (him or her)? Are you wondering if it will ever happen? Fearing it won’t and ready to give up? Do you wonder if you are meant to have a life partner or not? Do you wonder if you are worthy of having a partner? Perhaps you think you are too much for someone else.

Beginning October 17 for 3 months, we will be doing transformational healing to help you figure out what you want and to help you connect with your life partner. This series will help you release old trauma, outdated karma, and anything you are ready to release. The process will also help you see and release blocks, resistance and fear about being in relationship, guide you to move forward on your life’s path with a partner and create energetic bridges for that path.

This is a series that many of you have been asking for. The timing feels right and I am very excited to share this with you the process. I created it for you with my guides. There’s a sense of anticipation with this that I cannot even begin to describe.

If this resonates with you, you can sign up now.

You must sign up and pay no later than October 10. The energy of this process begins working with you prior to the first meditation on October 17. There will be activities that you will be involved in, 3 healing/transformational meditations that you will receive, an activation, as well as Crystalline Consciousness Technique healing/transformation charts that I will be doing to support this transition. You will create your intentions for the series and I will support you all along the way.

If you are ready for a Life Partner, join me!

Blessings, carolyn

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