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Individual Sessions

Crystalline Consciousness Technique™

Crystalline Consciousness Technique™(CCT) is a new, evolutionary tool that uses light, sound, and sacred geometry for accelerated healing and transformation in a balanced, stable container. It raises the vibration of the individual receiving the treatment and it raises the vibration of the work they are doing. It promotes greater levels of balance, clarity, and coherency throughout your energy anatomy.

The CCT protocol is wonderfully creative. It can be used with a focus on enhancing physical healing and well-being, manifesting the heart's desire, and transforming social structures in families, organizations and businesses, and transforming one’s life.

Although the protocol is the same, each session is unique to the individual as it is determined by their intent. The energetic system very quickly recognizes that it can create what it wants without the effort that it normally takes. Then the question becomes, "What do I really, really want?"

The session is facilitated by me in person or in a distant format, creating a strong container of protection for you as you heal, manifest and/or transform. As needed, I can help guide you with your intent, ensuring that it is coming from your core essence and not your personality/ego.

"I began seeing Carolyn a few years ago when I was suffering from chronic fatigue, pain and sleeplessness. I have experienced Individual sessions in person and by phone, as well as the Tree of Life Series. CCT has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined."
-- Lisa, Denver, Colorado

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions focusing on healing, transforming and creating what you want in your life can be done in person or in a distant format.

Fee: $175

In Person

Healing in person is often done on a massage table. After an initial discussion about what you would like from the session, you remove your shoes for comfort, lie down and are covered with a light blanket. I gently place my hands on or slightly above different, non-intrusive areas of your body as you receive all three phases of CCT. For a full description of these phases please read The CCT Protocol After phase two, you’ll be asked to state your intentions. During this part of the session any other healing work that you need is done. Completion of the session then follows. A receiver usually feels relaxed, revitalized, balanced, centered, grounded and expanded after a session.

Distance Format

At an agreed upon time, I will call you for your session. I suggest that you lie down in a place where there are no distractions and listen to a spoken CCT session that can be experienced much like a meditation. You may very well feel or perceive energy shifting throughout your body. As in all sessions, intentions are discussed and clarified, then brought in fully to your entire being.

Mini Session

A mini session is usually done in a chair and lasts 15-20 minutes. For a version of this and a first hand experience of CCT, try a free mini session at Crystalline Consciousness Technique website.

Fee for a mini session: $90 per session

or 6 sessions in 6 weeks for $450 (paid all at once and all sessions used during 6 consecutive weeks).

Benefits of the individual session are unique to each person and many people experience:

  • Greater ease in healing
  • Clear diagnoses with medical conditions
  • Relief from pain
  • Clearing of longstanding, chronic conditions
  • Improved well-being
  • Improved mental/emotional state
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved circulation
  • Overall improved sensory integration
  • Enhancing of medical procedures or medicines with reduced side effects

Please read: What to Expect after a Session

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Services as a Registered Minister

As a minister in the Universal Life Church, I am qualified to perform weddings, baptisms, funeral services and any type of Spiritual service that you may desire. Each is designed with you to meet your needs. Performing services with families, groups and individuals brings me a great deal of joy. So often a minister is hired who has specific ways that they feel a service or event “should” be. I want to serve you so that you may receive exactly what you want.

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Tree of Life Series

The Tree of Life Healing Series is a set of six sessions that can aid in long standing, chronic, physical problems. We are using this for individuals with chronic back problems, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, physical pain and other mental, emotional and/or physical problems. Positive results are being felt by many recipients. Long term gain will become more evident following the series.

The Tree of Life Series is a hands-on session working with different points located on the sacrum. These points are cleared, releasing distortions throughout the central nervous system, the craniosacral system and the musculoskeletal system.

People who don't have serious or chronic problems are reporting that the sessions have a variety of effects for them including:

  • An anti-aging affect on them
  • Clarity of thought – releasing fog and confusion
  • Healing on many levels
  • Improved vision and/or hearing
  • Feeling much more grounded

"After a year of different treatments including Rolfing, acupuncture and chiropractic, my low back problem had not improved. After my first Tree of Life session the results were miraculous. In one day the chronic low back pain cleared up" - L. Simms, Montana

Fee: To receive 6 sessions, the fee is $690

However, a person may need additional sessions of one or more of the 6; additional sessions are at a rate of $115/session

or you can repeat the entire series for $690.

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Soul Charts

Mandala shaped charts are based on the forms found inherent within the Flower of Life pattern. They are used in CCT for unique, individual healing sessions and for complex group situations. Note: See gia's Soul Chart page to download a PDF file of the the mandala shaped charts.

Infinity Soul Chart

This chart symbolizes the figure eight, as well as the Vesica Piscis (which represents doorways into other dimensions and is formed by the overlap of two circles). Our body has many Vesica Piscis including the eyes and the chakras. This chart is quite helpful in mastering dualities (issues in your life that seem like opposites and are not); balancing vertical and horizontal energies for bringing in and/or expressing soul purpose; balancing individual and/or group energies (or individual with group energies); and as an activation tool to access latent abilities and spiritual levels of healing and development.

Fee: $150

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Seed of Life Soul Chart

The words associated with this chart represent the four subtle bodies (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual). This can be used as a very powerful 21-day healing; to balance the subtle bodies; to clear and activate the connections between the spiritual and the other subtle bodies; and anything in the rhythm of 7, i.e., chakras, days of the week.

Fee: 21-day healing: $600

Fee for other applications: $250

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Fruit of Life Soul Chart

This chart assists in releasing distorted energies particularly at the start of a new venture or project, a company, a relationship, or even a person’s journey on the planet. Based on the cycles of growth as represented by the zodiac, each sign has a word associated with it that connects to the essence of that cycle. The inner ring of 6 circles represents the inner development of a process that may not be exhibiting itself externally at the present time. The outer ring of 6 circles represents when the expression is externalized. The 13 circle in the center represents the self/Self – all that has been learned through the process. Suggested uses are for a project, oneself, a family or organization or to create a story of the soul’s journey on the planet.

Fee: $400

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Tree of Life Soul Chart

This chart is a very effective tool to work with different levels of consciousness within the body/mind. It represents us as a living organizational system and works with the planetary influences on the body. Some of the healing techniques that work very effectively with this chart are to balance and heal planetary energies affecting a person; any business or organization (or family!) having complex components and needing synchronizing; healing and working with all the systems of the body.

Fee: $300

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